Get Fit with and without Technology

walk may 24 2014Look around at our society and you will immediately see the fact that we are not as fit or healthy as we should be and this troubles me.  We talk so much about tech but neglect health, fitness and nutrition without which we do not function as well as we should.  I will never forget my good friend and assistant principal who passed on too early.  He did not heed his doctor’s warnings and even my suggestions on improving his condition.  This man stopped whatever work he was doing and helped anyone who came into his office.  He was so concerned about everyone but himself.  

As educators we should be setting a “healthy” example for our students.  Now, we can employ tech to measure our health and fitness. Over a year ago on a promotion I picked up a free app Walk Tracker.  I like the fact that periodically it indicates the distance I have traversed, my pace and calories exerted.  It keeps me focused because I believe in sustained activity at a varying pace. 

Helping me keep fit this year is the #500in2014 challenge group. My personal goal is have 500 miles by ISTE14 in June.  I have a link to add your mileage for #500in2014 on My Exercise page 

I am happy to see some of my PLN members using FitBit Fitbit® Official Site: Flex, One and Zip Wireless Activity and Sleep Trackers  I feel it is a good start to making you more conscious of your fitness and health.  

My friends and PLN members have mentioned about other devices they use which include the following:

Nike+ FuelBand SE. Activity Tracker & Fitness Monitor.

MapMyWalk, CardioTrainer, RunMyRoute

Today I found an interesting article in USA Today Finally, fitness trackers measure up It will be interesting to see how the latest activity trackers work out!

Jawbone: UP24 | Activity Tracker with Bluetooth Sync | Live Better 

Misfit Wearables Misfit Shine

Withings Pulse 02 

Garmin Vivofit 

Samsung Gear Fit 

Adidas MiCoach 

TECH NOW: Here’s the skinny on the latest fitness bands

Save of the Day: Optimize your workout with this watch

Whether you use these devices or not the main thing is that you start moving, become fitter and healthier.




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